‘Community bridging’: The Disinformation Project’s latest effort to nazify normality

Women’s rights activist Posie Parker’s visit to New Zealand in March caused headlines around the world when mob violence was used by trans-activists to stop women speaking up about threats to their sex based rights. Now, The Disinformation Project is back to invert reality and create alarm by claiming that neo-nazis have infiltrated these groups, creating ‘genocidal’ hate.

WHO’s International Health Regulations – a totalitarian charter for the planet

The WHO is drawing up the legal framework to grease the wheels of the pandemic industry. Once the paperwork has been signed by governments on this public/private partnership behemoth, people are not going to have much of a say in getting a clot shot or whatever other medical countermeasures are ‘on offer’ during pandemic season. We can stop this by starting a grass roots movement to force parliament to exit the WHO, writes UK based Rusere Shoniwa in this guest post.