The People’s Terms: it’s a numbers game

RCR has created alternative Terms of References for the promised Covid Inquiry – ones that do look at the science, that will demand accountability and that will include the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer product, among many other things. These ToRs are fit for purpose and will do the job, but only if we can achieve a critical mass. Visit to sign by March 24.

The Left and Covid – Part II: Outsourcing a better world to the WEF

This is the second part of an analysis provided by British writer Chris R on the failure of the Left to stand up to covid authoritarianism. In this part he examines some of the fundamentals of contemporary Left thinking that might explain why and how it failed to respond correctly to the covid challenge, including a horror of ‘conspiracy theories’, a pernicious anti-industrial mentality, and, amongst the intelligentsia, alienation from productive economic work.

‘I do not consent’: one nurse’s story of vaccine injury, state abuse and emotional trauma

Chloe, a dedicated nurse who loved her job, spent Christmas day last year in hospital suffering severe heart problems after her second Pfizer injection. Diagnosed with pericarditis and heart dysrhythmia resulting from the jab, she was denied an exemption for the booster. Instead of putting herself at risk of more harm, she chose to walk away from the career she loved.