WHO’s International Health Regulations – a totalitarian charter for the planet

The WHO is drawing up the legal framework to grease the wheels of the pandemic industry. Once the paperwork has been signed by governments on this public/private partnership behemoth, people are not going to have much of a say in getting a clot shot or whatever other medical countermeasures are ‘on offer’ during pandemic season. We can stop this by starting a grass roots movement to force parliament to exit the WHO, writes UK based Rusere Shoniwa in this guest post.

The Left and Covid – Part II: Outsourcing a better world to the WEF

This is the second part of an analysis provided by British writer Chris R on the failure of the Left to stand up to covid authoritarianism. In this part he examines some of the fundamentals of contemporary Left thinking that might explain why and how it failed to respond correctly to the covid challenge, including a horror of ‘conspiracy theories’, a pernicious anti-industrial mentality, and, amongst the intelligentsia, alienation from productive economic work.