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Vaccine safety and efficacy petition moves up a notch, writes Keri Molloy.

Credit: Bob Moran

Petition request

That the House of Representatives call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry in the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccine use in New Zealand.

Aly Cook, who launched a parliamentary petition seeking an inquiry into COVID vaccines, is now preparing her written submission to the petition.

As part of her written submission, she is allowed supporting letters or affidavits. 

She is now asking the vaccine injured and bereaved to contact her with their stories. 

“In your submission talk about what has happened to you post the jab, struggles with care, recognition/being gaslit, mandates, ACC struggles, anything relevant. If you had the chance to speak  before a committee, say you would be happy to be heard (if you are happy to speak).” 

She notes that these stories, presented as part of her submission, will be displayed on the parliament website: “So people must be aware and give me permission to include their stories with my submission.”

Aly asks that stories given have a name and maybe age but not contact details. (Contact details can be supplied in the email sent). 

“If people can start sending their stories to include in my submission please send to and I will collate these with my submission.”

The closing date is May 30.

Aly Cook’s petition has been signed by more than 24,000 people. 

Petition of Aly Cook: A Royal Commission of Inquiry into the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccines (

Presentation of petition – YouTube

This article was first published at Keri Molloy’s Substack and is republished here with her permission. Keri is an artist and concerned citizen of New Zealand with 40 years experience as a journalist.

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