WATCH: Judicial Review livestream link for the The ‘Hood vs The Crown on Pfizer roll out to kids

The ‘Hood is in the High Court in Wellington today and tomorrow to challenge the Government’s decision to roll-out the covid-19 injection to children aged five-to-11 years old.

Justice David Gendall will oversee the two-day review, which is to feature nine expert witnesses who have reviewed the Government’s (Crown) evidence and concluded that the injection is still “all risk and no benefit” for children.

Justice Gendall will look at how officials at Medsafe, New Zealand’s drugs regulator, approved the product; and also at the decision to role it out across all kids in this age group.


This case is scheduled for remote hearing on 27 June 2022 at 10:00am. Please ensure you are connected by 9:50am to allow for technical difficulties.

Enter into Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a laptop or computer

Enter the meeting ID 8430106 and PIN 302702

This link will allow you to observe the hearing but you will not be able to participate in Court.

Please note that the connection works better on a 4G or cabled network rather than WIFI.

Please ensure that your device is muted and that your camera is turned off so as not to disturb Court.

Please note the High Court remote participation protocol.

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