Bob Moran doco an uplifting counterbalance to ‘Fire & Fury’

Covid sceptic Kiwis could only hope to be so fairly represented.

Watch the documentary here.

The iconic images produced by Bob Moran in the covid era perfectly gave voice to the lockdown and vaccine sceptics, allowing people to know they were not alone in a world where it seemed like everyone they knew had lost themselves totally in an extremely bad movie.

Formerly a political cartoonist at The Daily Telegraph, Moran was fired from his job at due to his views on the mainstream narrative. Find out more about his back story here. He now produces three original cartoons a week for The Democracy Fund, a Canadian charity that defends and promotes civil liberties and constitutional rights.

His website says:

“In 2020, as the Coronavirus crisis unfolded, Bob adopted a position of staunch opposition to all government measures and restrictions. He believed what was happening was immoral, unlawful and unnecessary. Through his cartoons, he asked people to contemplate the inevitable consequences of how governments around the world were behaving. In particular, he tried to highlight the horrific impact on children and the future society being created for them …

“During a very dark period for humanity, Bob seeks to create powerful imagery that brings hope and reassurance to the oppressed, in defiance of their oppressors. At a time when so many appear to have forgotten the things that give life meaning, he is determined to help them remember.”

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Let Them Fly

His images struck such deep chords, that they have become a meaningful and emotional anchor for many people who otherwise felt adrift, alone and misunderstood. This week a documentary about him and the work he has produced over the last few years has been released, and provides the perfect antidote to the poisonous ‘Fire & Fury’ that came out last weekend from Stuff Circuit.

This divisive film about several grassroots advocacy and alternative media groups involved with the Parliament protests in February and March, aims to strike fear and concern into the hearts of the public, painting them as misguided spreaders of misinformation who pose a serious security threat to the country.

The ‘doco’ was a continuation of the propaganda campaign waged by the media against these groups, and dissenting Kiwis generally, although the journalist behind the documentary says it was not aimed at all protesters.

This overlooks the fact that MSM have made no effort to represent the views of those mandated out of jobs, the vaccine injured or those who oppose censorship. In fact, they have consistently portrayed the protesters, who were largely peaceful and simply seeking a voice, as an unhinged fringe group that more or less deserved what they got for ‘choosing’ not to take the jab.

Stand Firm

It has certainly driven a further wedge between committed believers and sceptics of the covid response, rather than seeking to bring them closer together through a process of understanding. The alarmism was undeniable, which makes it fairly obvious the desired result is more censorship of minority views.

And it was released in the same week that Voices for Freedom encouraged freedom minded folk to run for local body elections – not on a VFF ticket, but as individuals. This was then conveniently used widely in the media to further frighten people that ‘conspiracy theorists’ were attempting to make New Zealand ‘ungovernable’.

In reality, VFF had no time or resources to vet candidates and were simply encouraging people to get involved in local politics to represent the very significant portion of Kiwis who have concerns about the direction the country is being taken. They have no policies to offer. You can hear directly from them on this issue here. Alarm was also raised that parents concerned about masking and jabbing kids were putting themselves forward for positions on school boards. God forbid people seek representation!


So, with all that in mind, while the doco about Moran is UK focused and has no direct relevance to ‘Fire & Fury’ (a teaser for the documentary ‘River of Freedom’ was also released this week, and provides the public with a more honest look at the protestors) it does provide a calm, balanced and human window into the mind of the covid sceptic. New Zealanders in this camp can only dream of being represented so honestly and fairly.

So, please take the time to watch Bob: Brilliantly Difficult, and perhaps share it with friends and family who may benefit from seeing a more reasonable representation of the covid sceptic.

Keep on Truckin’

Here are a few more of Bob’s pieces that have touched me – some dark, some hilarious, some unrelentingly hopeful.

Press Conference
Orwell Surprise
Rock and Roll Over
The End

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