Why haven’t we declared a ‘vaccine’ pandemic? WHO knows

In this article Rusere Shoniwa shows that covid vaccine injuries are far more serious than the disease severity of the 2009/10 Swine flu pandemic and outlines how changing definitions and rules at the World Health Organisation have propped up the pandemic industry.

Trust Who is a revealing documentary from 2017 about corruption in the ranks of the World Health Organisation.

There was a time, not that long ago, when governments in the West pretended to place a high value on human life. Admittedly, Johnny Foreigner in far flung places like Iraq and Yemen was not part of this pretence and often found himself classified as ‘collateral damage’ in the US military empire’s ongoing global adventures. These adventures almost always had ‘humanitarian’ pretexts to free Johnny from the clutches of a brutal dictator, regardless of whether Johnny had requested a freedom mission that might lead to his head being accidentally freed from his body.

Well, we are all Johnny Foreigner now because, no matter where you are on the planet, you can’t hide from the globalist elite puppeteers who tell their enforcers in government how to keep us in check. For those not under the hypnotic spell of the covid cult, the vaccine carnage brought to us by the Big Pharma cartel has made a complete mockery of the PR machine that used to brainwash us into thinking that the arms of our government were forever wrapped around us in a protective embrace.

This piece is a brief exploration of recent pandemic industry history juxtaposed with current covid vaccine injury. The first stop in this exploration is a peek behind the pandemic industry curtain to understand how the World Health Organisation (WHO) changed the rules to grease the wheels of the pandemic machine. Arbitrary changes in rules and definitions are, as we shall see, a key feature of the pandemic industry. I’ll then compare the death toll of the 2009/10 Swine flu pandemic – which was instrumental in a key pandemic rule change – to health outcomes of mass vaccination in the covid era. That will provide the basis for an answer to the question: do we have a covid vaccine pandemic? Spoiler – yes. After that, I’ll try to address why we haven’t declared one by examining the statements of other pandemic industry enforcers like the MHRA and the CDC.

“…these are the first ‘vaccines’ in history to continue to be pushed on the public despite the pushers admitting they don’t do what vaccines are supposed to do,” says Rusere Shoniwa.

WHO resets the pandemic industry rule book

The World Health Organisation, a globalist policy enforcer, is also obliged to pretend to care an awful lot about your health. In 2009 it pretended to care so much that it drastically lowered the bar for declaring a pandemic emergency. On 4 May 2009, one month before the WHO declared a Swine flu (H1N1) pandemic, it changed the definition of a pandemic on its website by expunging the requirement for enormous numbers of deaths and illness. Disease severity as a criterion for a pandemic was removed. A flu pandemic would now occur simply “when a new influenza virus appears against which the human population has no immunity.”[1] Those with Pollyanna syndrome will say this was done in the interests of minimising deaths. Those who understand that the WHO, like most other Western public health bodies, is a captured agency, might take the view that the WHO is the primary sponsor of the pandemic industry, and that the success of this industry depends on the ease with which the starter gun for a pandemic can be fired.

Prior to the declaration of the Swine flu pandemic many countries had signed secret agreements with major pharmaceutical companies to supply Swine flu vaccines. The contracts stipulated that governments would be obliged to purchase the vaccines only if the WHO issued a pandemic level 6 alert. This is a pandemic phase criterion which is met when a novel virus causes community level outbreaks in at least two WHO regions. Lawyers and scientists could have a field day picking apart ‘novel’ and ‘community level’. And why two regions and not three, especially if a ‘community level’ outbreak occurs on the border of two regions?  

Wolfgang Wodarg, former delegate to the European Council which probed the propriety of these agreements, maintains in a 2017 documentary entitled Trust Who that the pharma giants had initiated production programmes for their new Swine flu vaccine and had therefore placed bets they weren’t prepared to lose. However, the Swine flu virus was not playing ball by maiming in sufficient numbers and if the cartel couldn’t force a virus to behave in a business-like fashion, then the pandemic rule book would need revisions to accommodate its profit imperative.[2]

German Velasquez was General Secretary in the WHO’s department of Public Health, Intellectual Property and Medication during the Swine flu outbreak. He testified in the Trust WHO documentary that, prior to the declaration of the pandemic on 11 June 2009, he knew no-one at the WHO who was afraid of the consequences of this latest virus mania. He didn’t know anyone at WHO who had been vaccinated, including the WHO’s Director General, who told journalists that she didn’t have time but would do it later. Crucially, he insists that the phase 6 pandemic declaration could not have been triggered without the removal of disease severity because severity would have had to have been factored into the overall decision.[3]

This is eminently reasonable since substance should always trump form: in a globalised world, it probably wouldn’t be hard to prove that pathogens are continually triggering the WHO’s phase 6 criterion, but the crux of the matter is whether the situation is manageable, and that is largely determined by severity. The deliberate and underhanded subordination of substance to form ensured that technicalities could override reasonable and practical assessments.

Covid vaccine injuries far more serious than the disease severity of the WHO’s 2009/10 Swine flu pandemic  

At the end of the 2009/10 Swine flu pandemic, an official UK report to Government ministers in July 2010 found that Swine flu “turned out to be a relatively mild illness for most of those affected”, with 457 confirmed deaths at 18 March 2010. According to this report in DW, as of the end of October 2009, the death toll in Germany had “jump[ed]” to six while the toll for Europe at the end of October 2009 was 281. The dramatic use of the word “jump” in relation to a single digit toll is odd but, as we have seen in covid, the media’s role in virus mania has nothing to do with a reasonable representation of the facts. Germany went on to report total deaths of 252 by the end of March 2010 at the pandemic’s declared end, with a total of 1,261 deaths recorded for 13 major European countries.

I have been unable to find a figure for how many deaths had been reported at the time the WHO declared the Swine flu pandemic in early June 2009, but that probably has a lot to do with the declaration being, in the CDC’s words, “a reflection of the spread of the new H1N1 virus, not the severity of illness caused by the virus.” [emphasis added]. If Germany’s toll was six at the end of October, I have extrapolated backwards to a figure of less than 30 for the 13 countries which reported a total death toll of 1,261 at the end of March 2010. At the time the Swine flu pandemic machinery was cranking up, a spokesperson for the WHO stated that there were “eleven countries officially reporting 331 cases of [Swine flu] with 10 deaths.”[4]

Let’s hold those Swine flu pandemic figures in our heads and compare them to health outcomes of the global covid vaccination campaign. What are vaccine safety reporting systems telling us about the injuries and deaths associated with the covid vaccines?

  • In the UK as of 3rd July, the MHRA Yellow Card reporting system has recorded a total of 1,500,651 adverse events associated with the vaccine, based on 458,463 reports, and total fatalities of 2,191. The MHRA estimates that its system under-reports adverse events by a factor of 10.
  • The American system (VAERS) as of June 17th reports a total of 1,307,928 adverse events following Covid vaccines, including 29,031 deaths and 241,736 serious injuries. For children up to the age of 17, there have been 50,776 reports, of which 4,649 were deemed serious and 121 fatalities. The extent of underreporting in the American system is similar to, if not worse than, the UK’s.
  • The European vaccine adverse events system EudraVigilance as of June 25th has reported 4,584,946 reactions from 1,903,229 reports, of which 2,094,912 were deemed as serious. An approximate actual number of deaths is14,598. I am not aware of official estimates of under-reporting in the European system but there is no reason to believe it does not suffer from the same issues as the UK and US systems.

member of the European Parliament for Germany has pointed out that the data from the European Medicines Agency shows that, within the first 7 months of rolling out covid vaccines, there were 20 times more adverse events reported and 23 times more deaths than in all other vaccines combined in the last 20 years.

recent study analysing the adverse effects of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines prompted Martin Kulldorff, professor of Medicine at Harvard University, to observe that the incidence of adverse events in these vaccines is “very high … no other vaccine on the market comes close.” Will Jones for the Daily Sceptic concluded, based on this study, that these covid vaccines are more likely to put you in hospital than keep you out because the level of increased risk post-vaccine is greater than the reported risk reduction for hospitalisation from covid disease in both Pfizer and Moderna trials.

study from France published in Nature found that the risk of being hospitalised with myocarditis (heart inflammation) is up to 44 times higher following covid vaccination.

new poll of 1500 Americans found that more than twice as many Americans have lost a household member to a covid vaccine injury as have lost one to covid itself. While 3.6% of respondents said someone in their household had died from covid-19, 7.9% said one had died as a result of covid vaccination. As a proportion of vaccinated persons, 11.5% reported being vaccine injured, 6.8% needing medical help, and 4.5% unable to work. Return to these percentages after we’ve discussed the risk of covid using the Infection Fatality Rate.

The poll also confirms what we already know about covid vaccine efficacy – that it is negative. Of those who reported a Covid death in their household, more than twice as many reported that it occurred after the person was vaccinated than before.

People are rightly asking what’s behind the worldwide drop in birth rates nine months after the vaccination roll-out to young people? This article in Reclaim the Net demonstrates two salient points: first, a recent peer-reviewed study finds that covid ‘vaccines’ lower sperm count and, second, if you share that study, you are likely to be censored by the medical establishment’s media gatekeepers.

All this for a ‘vaccine’ which even the Prime Minister was obliged to point out last October “doesn’t protect you against catching the disease, and it doesn’t protect you against passing it on”. In other words, these are the first ‘vaccines’ in history to continue to be pushed on the public despite the pushers admitting they don’t do what vaccines are supposed to do. 

As soon as vaccine failure became an undeniable reality, a colossal mind-bending exercise kicked in to gaslight people into believing that, even though the vaccinated are getting ill with covid at higher rates than the unvaccinated, the ‘vaccines’ are miraculously and counterfactually preventing hospitalisation and death. Social and mainstream media is rife with reports of high profile covid cultists coming down with a bout of covid, the latest victims being none other than the quadruple-jabbed US President Joe Biden and his Chief Medical Adviser, Dr Fauci. The announcements of covid illness by the multi-jabbed vaccine fanatics are typically combined with high praise for the ‘vaccine’ keeping them alive, so we must keep reminding people of the (at least two) levels of irrationality that this entails.

It’s important to deal briefly with this gaslighting exercise primarily because it actually led to an inadvertent admission by the American CDC that the medical paradigm underlying vaccination – prevention through immunity – is dead. Yes, you read that correctly. As we shall see, the desire to force people to worship at the vaccine altar has led the CDC, like the WHO, to pull the pin on a definition-changing grenade that has resulted in ideological blowback on a grand scale. People need to focus on this a lot more. 

So, firstly, there is a shifting of the goalposts by the alchemical transmutation of the injections from an infection and transmission preventive – what vaccines purport to do – to a symptom reducer. This is a massive and welcome own goal because it’s an admission that the vaccine producers and their fanatics have lost the right to label them vaccines. This justifies the use of for covid ‘vaccines’. The American CDC, arguably the world’s leading national health and medicines regulator, has changed its definition of a vaccine to accommodate covid vaccine failure. The new bastardised definition of a vaccine has dropped the claim to conferring immunity in favour of fuzzy ‘protection’ language. In other words, it’s now about symptom relief, just like all the other thousands of medications available on prescription and over the counter that make symptom relief claims.

Vaccines have effectively now been classed alongside aspirin (for pain and fever) and a whole host of other nutraceuticals that have immunity boosting properties. There’s just one small problem – they can’t even live up to this downgraded reclassification because, as the evidence shows, they do anything but relieve symptoms or boost your immune system. 

This is a seismic capitulation in which the CDC effectively admits that ‘anti-vaxxers’ have been right all along. The medical paradigm of vaccination is dead and the final blow was delivered by the CDC, not ‘anti-vaxxers’. The ‘fact-checkers’ can wax lyrical all they want about the meaning of ‘protection’ but after they have written their mind-bending odes to Orwell, they are left with the inescapable fact that immunity is gone. And that’s what made vaccines vaccines.

Secondly, it’s both counterfactual and irrational to claim that the ‘vaccines’ have probably staved off certain death when the actual disease takes a mild course for the overwhelming majority and has an Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) of 0.15%.The survival rate is 99.85%, which means you were probably going to live. That survival rate is an overall population rate which increases the younger you are. The sad irony is that death or serious illness is less likely if you’re unvaccinated.

Taking all of this into account, it is far more rational to align with Dr Robert Malone’s conclusion that:

“We must acknowledge that the genetic covid-19 injections cause far more harm than good and provide zero benefit relative to risk for the young and healthy. They do not reduce covid-19 infection which is treatable and not terminal. Furthermore, the most recent data demonstrates that you are more likely to become infected or have disease or even death if you have been vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated people. This is shocking to hear but it is what the data are showing us.” 

So, with covid ‘vaccines’ doing more damage than the 2009/10 Swine flu pandemic and looking far riskier for most people than covid itself, let’s pause here, survey the scorched earth of covid ‘vaccines’ and ask this simple question: why hasn’t a sort of ‘pandemic’ of covid ‘vaccines’ been declared worldwide? The outbreak is global with billions infected by needle at the hands of the pharma cartel and the medical establishment, and there is no immunity to the spike protein (and all the immunity damaging ingredients like polyethylene glycol) which your body produces after vaccination and which many scientists and doctors are claiming is the primary cause of vaccine-associated injuries and deaths.

The Big Pharma enablers

That question has been answered, albeit inadvertently, by the head of the organisation that authorised the vaccines for use, and which keeps insisting, in the face of an avalanche of evidence to the contrary, that they are safe and effective – the MHRA. In a recent address to her Oxford University alma mater, Dr June Raine, head of the MHRA, discusses “how the Covid pandemic has catalysed the transformation of this regulator from a watchdog to enabler”. By her own admission, the MHRA has gone from protecting the public against the predations of Big Pharma to fast-tracking their latest offerings.

In psychological parlance, an enabler is someone who encourages negative or self-destructive behaviour in another. Raine’s choice of this word is therefore either a Freudian slip or a deliberate dispensing with the pretence of being a watchdog in order to accelerate the normalisation of the MHRA’s hitherto clandestine role of Big Pharma drug pusher. And there can be no doubt that medicines regulators are greasing the distribution wheels to propel Big Pharma’s fixes from the lab to consumers’ veins with as little friction as possible. 

Dr Raine is extremely proud of how the MHRA “tore up the rule book” by allowing phases of clinical trials to overlap instead of running sequentially. To appreciate just how howling-at-the-moon mad this is, imagine you are an operator in a regulated industry, and you get a call from the regulator one morning telling you they’ve torn up the rule book and you can do as you please. To add another layer of insanity, if that were possible, this is being revealed in the form of a boast by the regulator, not a confession eliciting shame and embarrassment.

She is also ecstatic that large-scale manufacture was “prepared at risk” because they “did not know if any of these vaccines would be effective”. Again, as we saw with Swine flu, if Big Pharma takes a gamble on a vaccine, it’s the job of the regulator to see that it pays off. Well, we now know the answer to whether they are effective. Total ineffectiveness against infection has been uncontroversial since December 2021. The efficacy against infection is in fact negative. And now we are getting confirmation that effectiveness is negative against serious disease and death. In other words, the vaccinated are being hospitalised or admitted to ICU with covid at a greater rate than the unvaccinated.

Again, just to emphasise, not only is this the consequence of a regulator tearing up the rule book, but it is also what the regulator says they are proud of. Try to top that for lunacy.

The latest [de]regulatory development will see doctors now being cut out of the chain in the prescription of Pfizer’s latest covid-19 pill which can now be prescribed by pharmacists. The other side of this perverse role reversal is that doctors are being blocked by hospitals and pharmacists from treating their patients with proven safe and effective treatments like ivermectin. Ivermectin is annoyingly cheap and off-patent and so what we are seeing here is a re-education campaign conducted by Big Pharma’s lapdog ‘regulators’ to help doctors and pharmacists understand their roles in getting profitable drugs to market.

Big Pharma to its regulatory enforcers: “Will no-one rid me of this turbulent thing called science?”

Plans are now afoot to do away with bothersome clinical trials whose inconvenient purpose, from Big Pharma’s perspective, is to ascertain whether treatments are safe and effective. When Big Pharma thought it could rig the science to bamboozle everyone into believing its voodoo version of science, the mantra was ‘follow The Science TM’. With the Pfizer clinical trial data releases demonstrating just how corrupt the trials were, Big Pharma’s strategy, in collusion with the medical establishment, has switched to getting rid of the science

The Brownstone Institute has published a report on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s plan to adopt a “Future Framework” that will allow Pfizer and Moderna to reformulate and release updated covid shots without conducting any additional clinical trials. The elimination of clinical trial requirements may be expanded to other vaccines and drugs over time. The curtain to the Wild West of drug approval is being pulled back, and to call this development a twisted joke doesn’t begin to do justice to the sheer lunacy of it. This is the logical conclusion to the creation of a full-blown pandemic industry milked by Big Pharma and abetted by ‘regulatory’ agencies. 

The investigative work done by Toby Rogers strongly suggests that the “Future Framework” idea is the brainchild of the WHO, under the influence of its biggest voluntary contributor and non-state actor, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. And so we arrive at the point from which we started – WHO shenanigans. The pandemic floodgates were opened when the WHO first made it easy to declare a pandemic, shifting from a rational basis of outbreak severity to a declaration along the lines of: “We’ve got something new spreading in more than one region.” From this, the other evils have flowed.   

If watering down the definition of vaccines was the CDC’s capitulation on the medical paradigm of vaccination, then the removal of the requirement of proper trials for medications is nothing short of the capitulation of science to the needs of global capital and its pharma cartel. Its enforcement goons, wearing a regulator’s fig leaf, are desecrating reason with the sophistry of ever-changing definitions and “Future Frameworks” that side-line science because reason is an impediment to global capital’s quest for neo-feudal control.

Disregarding vastly inflated deaths with covid and focusing on excess deaths, the covid pandemic has been no worse than a bad flu season while the 2009 Swine flu pandemic cannot be termed a pandemic by any reasonable definition. Thus, in the first two decades of this millennium, we have had two pandemics that would have gone unnoticed by the vast majority of us had they not been rammed down our throats by Big Pharma’s dissembling regulatory high priests using the megaphones of the hyenas in the mainstream media calling themselves ‘journalists’.

The fact that the vaccine pandemic will not be declared by the medical and regulatory bureaucrats responsible for it does not mean that those bureaucrats can keep a lid on it for much longer. Too many people are suffering and independent journalists with a conscience are helping to uncensor their message. If they succeed, the bureaucrats may find that changing the definition of wrongdoing will not shield them from the people’s wrath.

Rusere Shoniwa is a financial reporting accountant and independent journalist from the United Kingdom. He writes at A Plague on Both Houses, where this article was first published. It is republished here with permission.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent or reflect those of The Looking Glass.

[1] The author of the linked paper, Peter Doshi, maintains that the WHO did not change its definition of an influenza pandemic but rather its description of it. He maintains that this description change had no bearing on its ability to declare a Swine flu pandemic in 2009 and uses the term ‘description-definition’ to describe the WHO’s reference to disease severity on its website. Combining the two terms in this way in order to refute that it was a definition actually has the opposite effect intended by Doshi – if you call something a ‘description-definition’, you are inviting it to be viewed as both. My view is that this hair splitting is a red herring since the WHO’s longstanding reference on its website to disease severity is a public communication that would have made it very difficult in legal terms to explain why it had declared a pandemic in the event of the outbreak failing to meet that criterion. Doshi acknowledges that the description not only appeared at the top of the WHO Pandemic Preparedness home page for over 6 years but was also consistent with the descriptions of pandemic influenza outlined in WHO policy documents over the years. Furthermore, as outlined in this article, testimony from a former high ranking WHO official suggests that the change was necessary to enable the WHO to declare a Phase 6 pandemic emergency.

[2] Trust WHO documentary, 2017, timestamp 19:00 – https://home.solari.com/lets-go-to-the-movies-week-of-june-6-2022-trustwho/

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