If you aren’t supporting an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, you’re accelerating the global totalitarian agenda

If decent people everywhere can’t figure out a way to give Palestinians a life raft, the shock waves will ripple out, primarily to the West. The one-state solution is the only option left, argues Rusere Shoniwa.

“To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” – Nelson Mandela [emphasis added]

As I argued in my last piece, decontextualising the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is to argue in favour of the never-ending cycle of violence. The debate revolves around a repeating loop of this round of violence and this round of righteous retribution. In this article I will argue that if you claim to be opposed to the New Normal techno-fascist agenda but are not calling for a complete ceasefire in Gaza, then you are complicit in accelerating the agenda you claim to oppose.

Before we get to that main argument, the difficult question often posed is: what’s your framework for a solution after the ceasefire? After all, the world has been talking about what happens after ceasefires since at least 1967. Unlike in the past, the answer to that question now assumes that Israel does not succeed in what is becoming a very obvious move to ethnically cleanse Gaza completely.

In this tragic pantomime of violence and peace talks, Israel has never had any intention of pursuing the two-state solution, which seemed to be the only sensible and viable way out of the quagmire. It’s been an illegal occupier for 56 years, the longest occupation in modern history. If it had been remotely interested in the two-state solution, all it had to do to demonstrate that was return the land that it illegally occupied in 1967. It didn’t take that simple step because, backed by the US empire and its allies, it preferred to operate on the principle that possession is nine tenths of the law.

Israel’s strategy has always been to talk about the two-state solution while making it impossible by settling the land it occupied in 1967. It has now reached the moment of truth in this all-or-nothing gambit – it must follow through on the despicable logic of its strategy by ethnic cleansing or genocide, or it must accept total failure of its deceitful game and move towards equal rights for all under the one-state solution. Israel knew this was the cul-de-sac it was making for itself because it knew that kicking out 750,000 settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem was an impossibility.  So, assuming an unspeakable crime against humanity does not unfold in the weeks and months ahead, the one-state solution is the only remaining civilised option on the table.

I say ‘the only civilised remaining option’, but if governments in the West are moving towards compulsory farm buy-outs for the spurious aim of reducing CO2 emissions, I’m struggling to see why international law, which recognises the Israeli settlements to be illegal, could not lay down the framework for an orderly relocation and compensation programme in Israel, thus reopening the path to the two-state solution that everyone was very happy to pay lip service to for 50 odd years. But I digress.

One barrier to the one-state solution is the perception that the hatred on both sides is so entrenched that it simply wouldn’t work. However, the good news is that this is the only solution that has ever worked so far. It’s working in South Africa, it’s been working in New Zealand for a very long time, and it’s working in Rwanda where 800,000 Tutsis were murdered in 1994 in 100 days of genocidal bloodlust. Far from being impossible, living peacefully together under the protection of equal rights for all is the only solution that can and has worked. The one-state solution embracing a mix of religions, ethnicities and cultures is in fact the default position of virtually the whole of humanity. Movements of people, conquests and redrawn borders have created patchwork nations that have learnt to muddle through. The idea that Israel must be an exception is the product of 75 years of hasbara and is frankly not rational.

What are the alternatives? The first is to simply carry on doing what has brought us to the abyss of complete and utter despair – perpetuate the management of a slave population under apartheid rule. It’s idiotic and self-abasing for an intelligent person to deny Israeli apartheid when the most senior ranking public figures in Israel aren’t denying it. The second alternative is to grind on with the longest ethnic cleansing operation in modern history, interspersed with transparent lies about working towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict. The third option is the one advocated by the rabid Republican presidential candidate, Nikki Haley – to just “finish them” with genocide.

And the closer we get to that last horrific scenario, the more perverse is the political response to it. Germany can’t tell Israel to get a grip because, as far they’re concerned, that would mean they weren’t sorry enough for The Holocaust. The German Chancellor spelt it out plainly when he said in Tel Aviv: “Germany’s history and the responsibility it had for the Holocaust requires us to maintain the security and existence of Israel”. In essence, the situation is so sick that today’s generation of Germans now feel compelled to enable Israel to commit a genocide in order to make amends for the Holocaust.

Of course, what is missing from the logic of Chancellor Scholz’s statement of responsibility is that Palestinians, not Germans, are actually paying the price for this responsibility. Hat tip to Kim Iverson for asking the same question that has plagued me: “Why are the Palestinian people being asked to pay for the crimes of every other nation who has committed these crimes?” [referring to the historic pogroms of Jews culminating in the Holocaust. (Time stamp 1:15:14)

France and Germany banned all Pro-Palestinian protests while allowing all Pro-Israeli ones. France’s ban was subsequently lifted. The attempt to erase the discourse of Palestinian rights by banning all pro-Palestinian protest is a natural corollary to the endorsement of Israel’s ethnic cleansing operation. The process of rendering both the terms ‘Western civilisation’ and ‘Western democracy’ oxymoronic is now surely complete.

There are, however, some sane pockets of resistance within the EU. The Podemos party leader and Spanish government minister Ione Belarra incurred Israel’s wrath for uttering profanities such as:

“There is no room for equidistance. At this moment, we have to say clearly that Israel is an occupying state”.

When instructed by the Israeli embassy to recant or risk burning in the fires of political hell, she doubled down:

“We have to raise our voices to stop this genocide once and for all”.

Clearly, the formidable lobby of Israeli inquisitors still has some work to do in Spain.

Bizarrely, the Freedom Movement is packed to the rafters with people who don’t want freedom and dignity for Palestinians. Why would ‘freedom’ warriors choose to prioritise the rights of Israelis over the rights of Palestinians? I don’t know. Perhaps ignorance of the conflict fuelled by 75 years of social and political brainwashing, emotional blackmail by  Zionist associates and friends, slavish adherence to the tribal Left/Right Punch and Judy pantomime show, anti-Muslim sentiment, or any combination of the above. Whatever their reasons, Israel’s absurd ‘right to defend itself’ against the very people it has imprisoned and deprived of all rights and dignity is an article of doctrinal faith and can’t be cured with rational appeals or historical evidence. For them, the Nelson Mandela quote I opened with is just Kumbaya nonsense for the birds.

So, I will attempt to make that quote more concrete by arguing that they are in fact mindless lackeys of the globalist cabal they claim to be at war with. They are the same organ grinder’s mass-formation monkeys they railed at during the pseudo-pandemic and the Ukraine war.

Making terror to fight terror

Given what we know about the CIA’s creation and funding of terrorism in the Middle East as part of its strategy of manufacturing terror in order to fight it, it should come as no surprise that the formation of Hamas was deliberately aided and abetted by Israel. By 2019, the role Hamas played in Israel’s strategy of preventing a two-state solution was a poorly kept secret: the extremists in Gaza were to be kept separate from the moderates in the West Bank to foil any attempt by a unified Palestinian movement to advance the two-state solution. But once a comprehensive annexation of West Bank territory (Area C) had been completed, then Hamas could be toppled. With most of the West Bank now fully under de facto Israeli control, we are now witnessing an attempt to completely topple Hamas, combined with an ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

I will not bore an intelligent audience with speculation about whether this was a false flag. CJ Hopkins sums it up best:

“For those of us who are old enough to remember 9/11 and its aftermath, it’s déjà vu all over again.”

While Israel’s October 9/11 has as many, if not more, holes in it than the US one, the rest of this argument does not hinge on your acceptance of an Israeli false flag. I’ll just remind you of how the impeccably efficient crisis opportunity factory has performed: we went seamlessly from the promised twenty-year War of Terror that ended in 2019 (interspersed with a global financial meltdown and colossal money printing); to the pseudo-pandemic in 2020 (combined with colossal money printing and economic warfare on the global populace in the form of lockdowns, not to mention forced injections with poison); to Springtime for Putin in 2022 (interspersed with skyrocketing energy bills and a wealth transfer to Big Oil); to planned genocide in Gaza in October 2023. And the people who claim to be awake to it all are now using their front row seats to cheer on the monsters who are responsible for the entire nightmare on a never-ending loop.

One of our psychopaths’ favourite little marketing slogans when rolling out their catastrophes is; ‘there will be winners and losers’. So let’s see who wins and who loses at each stage of this latest unfolding catastrophe. Clue: unless you’re a billionaire, banker or senior System manager, you’re not winning.

Finish them” – congratulations Israel, sorry Palestinians

Israel’s call for half of Gazans in the north to evacuate to the south will compress 2.1 million people into an uninhabitable space roughly 5 miles wide by 12 miles long, half the size of Gaza. Egypt will be forced to choose between opening the border and assisting Israel’s ethnic cleansing or blocking Palestinians’ attempts to flee and being complicit in genocide. And so within a matter of a few weeks or months, we may just see Israel completing the ethnic cleansing of Palestine as it cashes in its chips on the wink-wink, nudge-nudge two-state game.

Strangely, the thing that pisses the Daily Sceptic off most about this unfolding nightmare is that people are being a tad bit unfair in labelling Israel an apartheid state. To be fair to The Daily Sceptic, you actually do need a population to oppress in order to earn the label of ‘apartheid state’, and Israel is now inches away from escaping that label on a technicality – namely, they’re getting rid of their oppressed population altogether. So, yes – no apartheid to see here anymore. Quite how they’ll cope with the genocide label remains to be seen, but no doubt the crew at Daily Sceptic will be tying themselves up in logic-bending knots over that one. Then again Palestinians don’t exist for them. There’s only Hamas in their terrorist riddled world, so they won’t notice a thing.

Meanwhile, the blow-up in Gaza was preceded by the sound of more nails being hammered into the coffin of the two-state solution with ramped up Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank. Coincidence I’m sure. So far Project Ethnic Cleansing is right on schedule.

Potential Regional War and World War

Zooming out a bit, the neo-cons who have taken complete control of foreign policy in the US are as close as they’ve ever been to getting the war they so badly want with Iran. They’ve spent the last 20 years trying to smash the Iran-Hezbollah-Syria Shia axis in the Middle East and they’re doing their best to pin the latest Gaza crisis opportunity on Iran. If Hezbollah follows through on its threats to retaliate against Israel for a ground invasion of Gaza, that will put Southern Lebanon in the crosshairs and potentially Iran, as well as Syria.

Russia’s increased influence in the Middle East and military presence in Syria means that the US could end up fighting Russia on two fronts – Ukraine and the Middle East. Will Russia stand by if its troops are in danger or if its allies (Iran and Syria) are in danger of being severely weakened by US-Israeli military action? China relies heavily on Iranian oil shipments through the Strait of Hormuz. About 20-30% of the world’s oil consumption is shipped through the Strait and China takes 80% of Iran’s crude exports. How will China respond to a threat to its energy supplies?

Accelerating the Great Reset

Oil prices will once again go through the roof, creating more impoverishment and another wealth transfer bonanza for Big Oil. A prolonged energy price hike, avoidable as it is, is just economic warfare on small and medium scale businesses and working class consumers. This is likely to accelerate monetary and financial instability, which will play into narratives of pushing Central Bank Digital Currencies to counter that instability. There’d be no logic to it but that won’t stop Central Banks from scaring a financially illiterate public into accepting CBDCs as the answer to financial instability, whatever its source.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the perfect vector for re-igniting extremism in the Middle East and, more importantly, Islamist domestic terror in the West. It would only take a small number of terror attacks in Western and US cities to re-invigorate states of emergency which would be used to ramp up the surveillance state architecture, and crucially, act as the catalyst for the introduction of the Digital ID regime that the G20 have committed themselves to. Because as we all know, the only way to stop terrorists from blowing up a shopping mall is to make them log on to the internet with Digital ID.

With the Online Safety Bill already working so well that even the censors are censoring themselves, all we need now to put the final touches on the digital gulag is Digital ID and CBDCs. And the crisis opportunity in the Middle East will almost certainly accelerate it.

The ultimate global hegemon that sits above the US empire is global capital. And no war that has potential implications for global financial stability is ever approved without the bankers’ final nodBiden sat in on Israel’s war cabinet meetings, so you can rest assured this has been approved by the central bank mafia.

It also plays into the fake multipolarity narrative in which the West has been earmarked by global capital to become the new Third World while the BRICS economies grow in leaps and bounds. Multipolarity is really just a chimeric construct of global capital intended to facilitate the controlled demolition of the bankrupt monetary system and the rotten debt pile in the West.

The Gaza crisis is an added catalyst for the BRICS shift because the majority of the planet is disgusted by Israel’s unchallenged right to butcher innocent civilians in retaliation for terror attacks by an organisation it begged the Gulf Arab states to, in the words of a former Israeli Defence Minister, “keep funnelling money into”. The idiot Western professional managerial class have long forgotten what justice means, but people in the South still know a racket when they see one. It’s not so long ago that they were at the sharp end of some pretty lethal rackets.

The BRICS shift will make the West much poorer, and if you live in the West and are cheering team Israel instead of team Peace, you’re a turkey voting for Christmas. Don’t misunderstand me – I want to see vastly improved economic prosperity for the world’s poorest. Who wouldn’t? But it’s not going to happen under the multipolar lie. There is only one pole and it’s global capital. BRICS vs the West is a fake drama to fool the next bunch of suckers – the BRICS.

It took two world wars to deliver the global governance structures of the UN, the WHO and the EU. Another war is just what’s needed to completely usurp what little remains of national sovereignty and consolidate more top-down control in the hands of institutions like the UN. All of course for your own good, to ensure that these beastly wars ‘never happen again’.

You are not an island.

Opportunity crisis is the best, perhaps the only, accelerant of top-down control. Spitting blood and fury at Hamas, which has been nurtured for years by Israel, and baying for blood in the Middle East is not just mindless; it fans the flames of a global crisis which could potentially hand the globalist control freaks a bonanza for advancing their agenda. You should be eagerly pouring cold water on the flames of these crises because ultimately they are the fuel without which the Great Reset cannot burn.

The great schisms occurring in the world today are the direct result of a demonic system that is in collapse. Inevitably, its response to that collapse is to seek to shore itself up in the only way it knows – with violence, censorship, lies, coercion, and control. Across the entire planet, these schisms are separating the civilised from the savages, the conscious from the unconscious, those who want the future to be better and those who want more of the same. In the years to come, we will look back at this time and see it either as a consciousness-raising epoch or the victory of a satanic order. Which side do you want to be on?

The meaning of Mandela’s words is that as long as others are in chains, their prison guards will eventually become your prison guards. The war that could potentially erupt from the insanity of dispensing with Palestinians has been sanctioned by global capital for the simple reason that war is good for the controllers and bad for you. If decent people everywhere can’t figure out a way to give Palestinians a life raft, the shock waves will ripple out, primarily to the West because the West is to blame for this mess. And if Israeli society thinks it is destroying Palestinians, they are mistaken; they are destroying themselves. The world will never forgive them and they will never be safe. They will not be able to wash the blood from their hands or their consciences. They will choke on their own genocidal poison if they are encouraged to administer it, and so will those encouraging them.

The Palestinian struggle for justice is actually the greatest test that the West has faced since World War II precisely because it involves the people who were so grossly abused in that conflagration. This is the continuation of a trauma that was not properly dealt with. To those who claim to be in the Freedom Movement but are either opposed to or indifferent about freedom and dignity for Palestinians, my message to them is this: call yourselves freedom-for-me-but-not-for-thee warriors; call yourselves selective justice warriors; call yourselves anything you like. Just don’t call yourselves freedom-lovers.

Rusere Shoniwa is a financial reporting accountant and independent journalist from the United Kingdom. He writes at A Plague on Both Houses, also available on Substack, where this article was first published on October 25. It is republished here with permission.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent or reflect those of The Looking Glass.

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